Adding PNG support to Osiva

People have been asking for PNG support for years.

We need a simple/small/fast


Osiva source code is finally available

The source code to Osiva is now available under the GPL. It is at Follow the Download Files link.

Sorry it took so long. I had to clean up the code a little bit.


Reality and “cthruview”

The reality is that I code all day anyway so it is really hard to find time to work on Osiva. I spend any extra time these days worrying about porting a real time VxWorks system into Linux. Boot time, scheduler tweaks, kernel modules, shared memory, power loss… All the things you don’t have to worry about under VxWorks. But then everything in VxWorks is kernel code, which does not work so well as the system grows.

Luckily other people like writing imaging applications also. One of the pending features for Osiva was to provide tracing support. A few people have asked for it, but the idea was filled out by Remik Ziemlinski.

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Osiva Specification

OSIVA is an acronym meaning “overly simple image viewing application.” The name is not a joke, it is an assessment. The word

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Osiva Morphology

Osiva is a windows program intended to show images as virtual pictures scattered across the screen. Osiva was begun in the late 1990′s and predates other virtual picture manipulation programs by several years.

The initial goal of Osiva was to sketch out the user interface behavior, so the program is rotten at the core. It is useless for more than a couple of full resolution images. It has an ancient approach to transparency — designed for Windows 3.