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Osiva is FOSS released under the GPL

"Osiva" is an acronym that stands for "Overly Simple Image Viewing
Application." Osiva presents images as virtual tangible objects on the desktop.
There are no GUI elements except a floating toolbar and a right click menu,
both of which violate the Osiva primary design criteria. Osiva is too simple to
be really useful. It is a toy.

The Osiva primary design criteria is that there should be no GUI elements
except the image itself. All interactions with the images should be done by
gesture. Osiva desperately needs multi-touch, but it was written for Windows

Osiva will display transparency directly on the desktop. The transparency
derivation is unusual, and is based on machine vision work done for the Office
of Naval Reseach in the 1980s. Osiva calculates the complete contour tree of
the image using the top left pixel or the Control-Click selected pixel as the
background color. 

Osiva is a "Portable Application". It is designed to be carried along with a
set of images -- in a folder, a thumb drive, or an archive. It is intended to
be smaller than most images.

Osiva is good for making quick dirty panoramas. It snowed in Izmir today, where my co-worker is, and I wanted to get a sense of the view.
I was looking at the pictures in Osiva anyway, so I just eyeballed them together and took a screen shot. I cropped the screen shot in Gimp.
You can make animations in Osiva using the same idea. You eyeball a bunch of images together so they show the animation as you hit the tab key. Then you flip through the frames by enabling the slide show. Kent Stork 2012-02-02